Monday Funny - Cuban Spy Tweet Of The Year

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37 minutes ago, Nino said:

I smoked a few cigars with him in Havana and fortunately we only spoke about cigars and humidors idea what he is smoking right now ...

He is one of the "5 Heroes" - the spy ring that worked in the US and is now Head of the Revolution Defence Commitees, the State Council and rumored to be candidate to become President of Cuba.

"Some day the citizens of the USA will have the freedom to decide which rums to drink, which cigars to smoke, which countries to visit and which hotels to stay in. #FreeUSCitizens ...."


Cuban spy Gerardo Hernández: 'one day US citizens will have freedom to decide'



He has an optimistic outlook on the US. Wish I day...

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I smoke those cigars, drink that rum and visit that country whenever I want. 

Not sure what he's talking about...  🤷🏼

When it comes to their hotels...Just say ño.  

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