Bond Roberts 25 Q2 2021 report coming out.

In terms of investment return.   

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The Bond Roberts 25 Q2 2021 analysis report will be coming out in the next couple of weeks and the area of focus in this issue is the investment performance  Limited Editions. 

The poll question today is which do you believe is superior in terms of investment return. Limited Editions or Regional Releases? :thinking:

I will post the detailed analysis up once it is released. 

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1 minute ago, TheGipper said:

Hint for the voters: There is a whopping great difference if the purchase price was an in-country price for the Regional vs. typical out of country (secondary) price.

I'm basing my answer on the early 2000s releases that were ill-received then and are now fetching 5 figures. Probably would vote the other way based on how things are now.

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