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This is my dream now. I'd make a killing here in this part of Texas. No competition. And not paying rent/being on wheels means if business slows I'm not ruined completely. 

I've seen these online here in Texas, but this is great.

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5 minutes ago, rcarlson said:

Guessing nearly-non-existent ventilation.  Mobile asphyxiation?  

70 on the expressway with the windows down. Problem solved!

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I am only guessing that Ogilvy New York didn't come up with the tag line :D


The motto for the business is, “Come smoke your head off.”

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A big screen TV with stereo sound would be good to get extra customers looking to watch sports. Great afternoon with friends watching football or perhaps a paid event like boxing or UFC.

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Pretty cool idea. Up until about a year and a half ago there were a lot of used low mile Class A motorcoaches that new were selling for $250-500k but as their owners were selling off, going into retirements homes etc. They were forced to sell in a saturated market. Friend of mine scooped up a cherry 6yr old bus style with slideouts on a Freightliner Gladiator chassis and semi tractor engine. Easily a unit that could last 500k miles or more. Only had 58,k on it and picked it up at a cool $80k. I thought it was one of the smartest buys for a guy that didn't really need a diesel pickup for anything more than to tow a 5th wheel travel trailer. 

Those units have dried up the last year and a half as new ones really are not being built very fast if at all. I've been in quite a few nice units this summer due to large hail in my area. It is surprising what new high end stuff the manufacturers are stuffing in the high end units every year. After seeing this article and being on several winter trips to New Mexico, Arizona, Utah I'm thinking it makes total sense. All the RV parks out there and retirees with little to no convenience nearby let alone a smoke lounge. Pull right into the RV park and there is one onsite is smart thinking. Park a high end Prevost, Foretravel, Country Coach, Newmar, Monaco and people would come smoke a cigar to check out the inside if anything else. Photos online off some of those interiors really do them no justice. I remember the first high end one I walked into was a $700k Monaco and saw the underwriting photos before I went out. Stepping inside I was like..."HOLY SH....!" Maybe the mobile lounge will be lucrative enough for him that he is able to add more to the fleet and eventually add some high end lux models to the fleet. 



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