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Under the category of FWP (First World Problems) - I have been recently advised that Xikar (ie Quality Imports) has discontinued their line of cigar punch. After waiting for a couple of months for a warranty replacement. Not particularly keen on the alternatives in their line-up.

So, I am looking for recommendations for a cigar punch to replace the now defunct (XI 11mm twist punch).

In the interim I have been using a chamfered 45 ACP bullet case... 



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7 hours ago, JohnS said:
I'm another one for the Colibri quasar option after recently acquiring it. Then again, I don't mind my Credo 3-in-1 Punch option either.

Same thought @JohnS @Bijan. Although I haven't used Colibri Quasar Punch Cutter yet, I think it can be useful 3-in-1 Punch cutter for those who like using punch cutter (HalfWheel also rated it as great punch cutter). It's available in Korean B&Ms too, but the price tag is steeper than American B&Ms (almost $100).

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I've got the quasar punch previously mentioned. The only issue I have with it is with the smallest punch on it. When you use it the mechanism. That's supposed to pull the punch back and empty the cigar bit doesn't function right. Like there's too much tension and it holds the punch in place instead of retracting. So, I end up digging out the cigar bit and unclog it.


Other two punches work no problem.

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