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Cuba being Cuba.

Many times I have had 24/25 cigars be average and then one cigar be stupendous. It happened with a 2016 box of Monte 4, a 2012 box of BCJ, a 2017 box of Connie 1. And I'm talking a 95 pointer when the other 24 have been 89-91s. 

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8 hours ago, Bigpink said:

It could also have been the difference after resting. I bet in another month or two the next one that you smoke will be as good as the first. 

I get that... but the first two were excellent. It was the next two that were the dogs!


Today's haul (host)... QdO 50 from December 2020 ROTT. Wrappers are beautiful. Smoking like a prince in the first third.




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1 minute ago, Enduin said:

That's not that unusual. Sometimes cigars smoked ROTT or within 2-3 weeks actually taste better than the following ones for a bit, then usually (but not alwasy) they go back to being good after a few more months. I had this happen to me more than once.

Super-interesting. Not unlike what happens with wine!

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In contrast, this PSP RASS ROTT was not a hit (uneven burning the main issue) when it arrived in July. Now smoking like a dream. ENE 21.


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