From 2000 - 2021 the three most blend/flavour consistent cigars?

Flavour Consistency   

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The poll options are based on higest selling lines available over that time spam.  Feel free to discuss others that are outside of that list. 

Which cigars have most maintained their flavour profile over the last two decades? :thinking:

Pick three from the poll.  Discuss others. 

Let's celebrate that often too rare CC virtue of consistency :ok:

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20 years...hmm. Tough question. There was quite a bit of flux in 01-03 but overall, long term, I would have to say all models of Bolivar have been pretty consistent. Party Shorts for sure. RASCC, El Principe, CoRo, Siglo I, Epi 1/2, PLPC, RGPC, Trini Reyes also haven't changed much in 20 years. 

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Monte 4 I can definitely say: little to no change. It’s what got me started almost 20 years ago and I’ve found them to be very consistent flavour wise. Also D4, Shorts, Epi 2, CoRo. And an honorable mention for the sir Winnies, although I don’t smoke a lot of them, the ones I have had over the years were all pretty much the same flavour wise. 

I voted Monte 4, Party Shorts and D4 in the poll as I’ve smoked tons of them over the years and, with some conviction, can say they haven’t changed much. 

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