Identify My "Starbucks Isn’t the Only Overpriced Latte in Town" Double Robusto 2018 (MYMRW)*

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Marca - Double Robusto, Robusto Extra or something along those lines…

Box Date - BRE ENE 18

I had what I was hopeful to be a pretty good cigar waiting for me in my dry box. After a rough start to the work week and a bad beat in Fantasy Football, I decided to strip off the band and give this reverse blind review a go. I remember not being overly impressed with the first cigar from this box, but that was some time ago and I’m hopeful that a couple years down has helped in its development. 

Visually, this is a very appealing cigar, with a beautiful rosado wrapper, smooth as silk to the touch and plenty of sheen. Hard to fault the construction as it appears to be top notch. 

So off goes the band and cap and she’s now officially a nudie. Excitement builds when I test what appears to be a near perfect draw, with only the slightest resistance. Give her a toast and we’re off to the races. 

Into the first third and right off the bat, I’m overwhelmed with the most decedent aroma I’ve had from a cigar in recent memory. I find myself wafting the lit end around my nose, something I rarely do, the smell of rich toasted tobacco coming off was intoxicating. Primary tasting note of gourmet coffee, with some notes of dark chocolate coming in and out. Only criticism to this point is the smoke feels a bit thin, doesn’t coat pallet with a creamy lush smoke that I would like with a premium cigar. All in all, perfect construction and great tasting cigar through first third. Starting off medium, building to medium full. 


Into the 2nd third and that coffee spine with dark chocolate notes holds true. Strength and body is picking up. There are a couple milk chocolate notes coming in and out, but they are few and far between. Burn is a little wonky on one side but no issues with needing to re-light. 


Final third and that gourmet coffee note has turned to a darker coffee or espresso with some leather and toasted almond notes present as well. Chocolate notes dissipate at about the half way point as the cigar evolves into full body and strength with more earthy notes present. 152F06E4-7852-4E12-BF21-7DBDD0C27AA1.jpeg.1db009c555e20858f714f37ced24517f.jpegFinal thoughts were that it was a pretty damn good cigar, price excluded. From a taste perspective I enjoyed the first half much more then the second half, but there was complexity throughout. If it was truly a blind cigar, I imagine I would have rated a bit higher. Truth be told, I was asking myself if the cigar is worth the premium price tag at several points during the smoke. 

95 minute smoke time 

Construction 10/10

Draw 10/10

Burn 8/10

Aroma 10/10

Complexity 8/10

Value 6/10

Taste 35/40

Score 87

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