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That super slick and professional ad copy certainly gives me the confidence they missed no details in the production of this..... what is it again?

Take my money!!!!

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6 hours ago, El Presidente said:



Solloshi 88 Humidor is a limited edition of only 38 pieces.


 shipping included USD / EUR


Let me just correct that pricing for you, it's missing the decimal point.

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I will admit that it looks nice in a contemporary office sort of way, but I can’t see how it’s worth more than a couple hundred bucks. I could see something like this being a nice limited release box with a high end cigar, but again still only a few hundred bucks stuffed full of decent sticks.

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... if they have a matching one to hold 6 toilet paper rolls, I will take it!

Costco is fresh out of retro-neuvo aerospace roll holders, and Apple won't answer my emails to make a Mac connected toilet roll dispenser, so I guess I will have to settle for this... I guess.

It would be nice if it would play "Jerusalem" in symphonic stereo when I approached. Does it do that?

What...? No carbon fiber!!! Oh, forget it then.

-the Pig

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