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Hello everyone, Not sure if this is the correct location for this post. Apologies if it is not.

I am trying to figure out if these Bolivar cigars are authentic. The box has all of the correct stamps and markings, Holograms, and wood embossings. However when I go to run the barcode number on the Habanos website I get a strange error page full of code. Upon looking more into this I find that the stamp has micro codes on it that should match the number below the barcode? I took some photos with macro setup and find that the micro numbers do not match the barcode number. How is this possible or am I missing something. I thought the point of the hologram was to stop the counterfeiting of these wonderful cigars. Can anyone shed some light on this and tell me if in-fact these are authentic Bolivar cigars. The three section cap on this cigar looks a little messed up as it had just been cut. 

Thanks in advance. 


IMG_1946 copy.jpg

IMG_1950 copy.jpg



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Hello @Tackshooter Welcome to FOH. There's a really good section here for these question and this thread will likely be moved there. We have also a nice section for your self-introduction and meet & greet.

As for the cigar, the band looks very weird to me and also the size of the cigar looks off. There are more knowledgeable FOHers who can confirm the finer details of the serial numbers. 

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the serial on the front of box shows up as



Microprinting code shows up as



I'm goign to say fake.. The band looks off too.

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The cap is impeccable, though. 🙄

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The band looks especially bad. I think ol’ Simón is turning in his grave right now looking at that depiction of him. 
That and the serials not matching up really leaves no doubt that these are fake. 

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Is that supposed to be a Libertador?  If so, the ring gauge should be a whopping 54.  Unless you have enormous hands, that looks all kind of wrong.

The band is awful, codes, torn cap construction, wrapper etc. give it away.  Sorry bro.  Definite fake.        

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