Your best cigar experience of November 2021?

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I had some excellent cigars this last 30 days but I can't split a 21 SLR Regio and 21 CORO. Both magnificent. 

The new Nudies N1 and N3 Colorado Maduro made top 10. 

Your best cigar experience of November 21/last 30 days?

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4 hours ago, nKostyan said:

H.Upmann Royal Robusto BRE ABR 19
No matter how many times I tried this cigar, it was always indistinct and characterless. But recently I took the second one from this box and got a complex woody-spicy taste. I enjoyed smoking. I hope the remaining 8 pieces will be at the proper level.

Been meaning to get a box of these to try. Only heard great things.

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I started to smoke a box of Siglo IVs, MUL NOV 14, this year. Each one has been a joy. 

Runner ups are Punch Punch RAE DIC 14, MC#1 BUM ABR 15, and the HURR UPE NOV 12.

I keep track of what is smoking well and tend to burn through a few boxes at a time and slowly start on a newer box when one only has a few left. If something is OMG special I'll put the last 3 or 4 in tubes for the long haul.

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