Celebrity Cigars .......has there ever been a really good one?

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Celebrity cigars.........has one ever been a really good one?

This was discussed at one of  last weeks FOH Zoom sessions. We cover all the big issues :D

Whether it is a cigar brand that is owned by a "celebrity" or one that is named after a "celebrity".................has there ever been a good one? :thinking:


Bears Mike Ditka "HOF 88" Signed Kickoff Series Cigar

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I've heard Karl Malone Barrel aged cigar (made at the La Aurora Factory) was good. I believe Karl is the brand owner and pays the Leon Family to blend and produce the cigar. 

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9 hours ago, traveller said:

I know Illusione just came out with a blend named after or collaborated with Jeremy Piven, they are one of the more cubanesque NC producers and I have enjoyed their cigars greatly in the past. So I would hope it would be good but haven't had one.

The PIV. I have also heard from fellow cigar media that they're quite good. In my review rotation in the next few weeks, I look forward to sitting down with it.

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On 12/7/2021 at 7:13 AM, Lord Verulam said:

i had one of the mike ditka cigars probably like 9 yrs ago, and it was the worst cigar ive ever smoked in my entire life...actually made me sick 

Somebody is trying to sell an old dried out one of these in Denver for a ridiculous amount of money. 

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