Nudies/Desnudo Sales Program launches Friday Local/Thursday NY

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  • El Presidente changed the title to Nudies/Desnudo Sales Program launches Friday Local/Thursday NY
45 minutes ago, havanaclub said:

What’s your favourite? The maduro lanceros?

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I would recommend everyone watch the vid first on the day and go from there. 

Personally if i were sitting on the fence I would go with the 50/50 mix packs. 

I love the 2021 lancero's but I smoke 4:1 carlota over lancero just because that is what they are meant to be for those who smoke a few times a day. they are a bloody good and satisfying workhorse. The carlota comes in a 9gm of tobacco while a traditional petit corona is 8.46 gm. If you love a PC like I do, that is where I would head. 

Having said that I am smoking a Lancero colorado rosado now as I tap this out. It is excellent. If it were Cuban you would call it Upmann. The colorado maduro is more along the lines of Montecristo meets Rafael Gonzalez 

The carlota (N3) line follows the same flavour profile but a touch fuller than the lancero (N1) line.  

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Just now, Çnote said:

I pray every night that you are successful with the N2 program

soooooo close to getting it right.  It has taken three years. 

Covid 2020/21 has certainly put that program a little behind. We will get there. 

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So excited. My notes from the last run made this a top 10 smoke of the year:

Nudies N3 (Carlota 6x38, 2019, ~60 min, 5/12/21) - Aroma is mild barnyard. Cold draw is light fermented tobacco, with a hint of something light, maybe mint leaf? Everything so far says delicate. Light up brings the usual brash Partagas spice (the marca this was blended to imitate). After settling it’s creamy with spices (not pepper). Not a light, milky, sweet smoke that you can imagine from a Connecticut, but instead a medium body, heavier cream with spice on the retro. In the middle third, the retro darkened to white pepper - lovely. The back third evolved to a cedar and cream, all variations on the same theme - changes to keep it interesting but a cohesive experience. It closed the last inch with a warm leather. Right at the end, two big blasts of the cream from the opening - bringing us full circle. This was a fantastic cigar. Perfect draw, great smoke output, no double puffs, always smooth, razor burn line. 

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The@Elpresidente may finally be able to make a NC actually be equal to our favorite Habanos. Been tried for as long as I can remember. I myself truly appreciate all the hard work that the FOH crew puts in.
I may not post much, but always check in and see what's going on. The knoweledge many members hold and pass on is a beautiful thing.
With that I would to like wish everyone here a Happy and Joyful Holiday season.

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