Evolution of your cigar journey

From where you started in your cigar journey, where are you today?  

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Started out smoking cigars around 2007/2008 at Cbid (if you know, then you know lol)…first humi was 5 Vegas 100 ct and I thought it was real neat! Smoked only NCs as I really was just beginning to understand and learn about the cigar world. Progressed through the cheapies to be strictly in the Fuente, Tatuaje, Illusione, and Liga Privada realm. Went through all the initial Tatuaje craze ((East/West, Porkchop, OG Black jars, T110s, Franks/Boris etc etc.). Had the occasional Cuban, or maybe not, who knows what cigars were in some of those ‘trades’….but my palate grew tired of the pepper and lingering morning aftertaste I would frequently get, so a little over 10+ years ago I pretty much dumped my entire stock of NCs and bought/smoked strictly Cubans. Haven’t looked back since. No regrets. 

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I voted totally changed, because I started out casually smoking maybe once a month. Over the last 15 years of buying and smoking Habanos, I’ve been trying everything and buying/smoking much more than those early days in college. So my ‘collection’ is much larger and diverse than it was at that time, in that regard it’s totally changed.

But I would say ‘Ever evolving’ is more what it’s actually like in my case. I have some staple cigars that I’ve always loved and always have multiple boxes of. And the others, I’m still constantly exploring and buying wildly different stuff. There’s periods I smoke much of what I started out with and periods where I don’t. 

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I started off back in 2009 buying a couple of RyJ No 2's and the like. For a few years up until 2012 I would buy a couple of boxes from a few online sites that happily back in those days would ship in a box that declared it was anything but cigars and would slip through customs without a hitch. I didn't store them properly at all and looking back I shudder but I enjoyed them and it was fun. 

I switched careers shortly after and as it was back at the bottom of the food chain both position and pay wise so cigars went by the way for a long time. In 2019 I started buying a few singles again here and there and began researching stuff again online. Fast forward to now and I have found that my previously favourite size, the robusto, is probably my least favourite size, and that bigger cigars, which had previously been too much, were now just right or not enough. So I have a full collection of every double corona in production, a few boxes of especial and lanceros and a lot of stuff in between. I also find I really enjoy the toro size. Especially when playing golf. I still love petite corona's and laguito no 2 size cigars, that hasn't changed, and whilst I've always been of the Cuban persuasion for preference I'm more open to trying new world cigars with some being a close second or even preferable to some Cubans.

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