Canadian travelling to Havana

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Hello, all

I plan on visiting Havana for the first time this spring (April) after the college semester ends. I'd appreciate some information from anyone that has travelled recently.

1. How has COVID-19 impacted activities? Are normal tourist attractions closed or limited in operations because of this?

2. As a non-spanish speaker how difficult will communicating be?

3. I know the CUC has been phased out. Do the local stores accept CAD, USD, or local Pesos?

4. What are the best places to stay and the rates? Hotels? or AIrbnbs and hostels? I want to avoid resorts an experience Havana

5. Are any Cigar factories open for tours?

6. I've heard cell service is non-existent for U.S providers. How about Canadians?

7. What are some tips for first timers? and how can I make sure I am being charged fairly?

8. Best places to experience the local cusine

9. Must bring items


I apologize if these questions are asked frequently. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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1. Many hotels/businesses are NOT open

2. You are going to struggle

3. No, No, sometimes

4. Casa Particular $40/night is average

5. Partagas and La Corona did tours, not sure if they are doing that now

6. Some US providers have service but it is costly, WattsApp is your best bet

7. Dont tell anyone its your 1st time there, they will look for any advantage to overcharge you

8. Probably Miami

9. Insect spray, 1st aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, snacks

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