Montecristo Especiales No. 2 REG OCT 19 (XNYRW6)

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1 hour ago, 99call said:

As Rob often mentions, the uplift in buying PSP in the Monte line is more essential than any other marca....the payoff is dramatic

Very true. I think this is big part of why the 19-21 period has been so beneficial to Montecristo. 

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33 minutes ago, karp said:

Great review! Your point about taking it slow applies to other Montes too in my opinion. Can get harsh easily if smoked rapidly..

In total agreement, along with that which @JohnS highlighted of ‘no middle ground’

For me this was again bought to light on cigar 2 of the blind tasting. For myself this Monte 4 was a poor example in comparison to others I have had favoured.   

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On 1/10/2022 at 5:09 PM, Sir Diggamus said:

I have tried Monte 4s that have all the core Monte flavors and are uninteresting, and others that are amazing (blind tasting cigar), and some that I wouldn’t think was Monte without the band

Very good description of the “three Montecristos.” I would put this cigar in the first group, in that the flavors were there but just not in the right balance. Not bad, enjoyable even, but not truly Montecristo either. I also agree on the IBTC cigar - I lucked out and got one of those shining-star Monte 4’s. But at the same time I have zero surprise that some tasters got examples which tasted nothing like one. My BBF was that way too, but with Monte you can almost count on every box to contain at least one or two examples like that, if not more. 

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It was tough to see that Monte 4 from the blind tasting was a 2014. It was so special I was ready and willing to go box code hunting to find more of those if it were current production.

But that proves your initial point even more that Montes can be so inconsistent.

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