Pictures Of Your Humi/Cabs/Coolidors

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Right now my is fairly modest but, I'm working on it growing up to be a big boy like some of yalls.97ba8f8791cdd9a4a61ed9663ebfe62c.jpg

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I like the humidor. What kind is it? I have a smaller aristocrat one of my good friends gave me. But I want a larger one.

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Humble collection in a small humidor. Some Partagas Rosados Sabrosos and other cigars below as well. Can't wait to graduate, get a job, and finally be able to upgrade, but for now I'm very happy with this. Your setups are definitely inspiring.
I do own another humi, but it's full of cheap cigars I got my first months of smoking. They seemed great back then, now I cannot even force myself to light one up. Damn Cuban cigars and their heavenly tastes.

Ditch that 75 damn

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