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The only priceless watch in my collection. My Mom told me if I graduated college w a 4.0 GPA she would buy me whatever watch I wanted for graduation. It proved to be good motivation and my Dad almost

This has been my daily wear since my wife bought it for me as a wedding gift (she is definitely a keeper, even got me my new humidor setup for my most recent birthday). The Speedmaster Professional AK

We had my dads gold Omega Seamaster refurbed and serviced. He has worn it pretty much every day.    He bought in in 1963   

» One of my other loves is Swiss watches. I happen to wear and retail ORIS

» watches but that is beside the point.


» As discering cigar chomping cablleros.....what is on your wrist?

Since I usually end up destroying any watch on my wrist - something cheap that keeps decent time ...

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I've always wanted a two tone, blue faced, rolex submariner...Only problem is i can't afford it...however, even should the day come when i can afford one, i will never be without the watch i currently wear. it is by far the best watch i have ever had or could want in terms of functionality and is a luminox, titanium, navy seal dive watch. being made of titanium, it is very light, but rugged as hell! i can't tell you how many times i have really banged the crystal against something and thought it would surely be scratched, but after 3 years, it is as perfect as the day it was new in the box (although i can't say the same for the titanium band which has scratches all over it). it has these features, which were taken from the company's web site:

The ultimate illumination system

Glows continuously for more than 25 years

Glows 100 times brighter than other luminous watches

Swiss illumination system is self-powered

No need to push button or expose to light to activate illumination system

Illumination guaranteed for 10 years

Entirely Swiss made with multi-jewel Swiss quartz watch movement

Water and Shock resistant

oh, keeps real good time too:-)


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Love watches also... Currently daily wear is a IWC Chrono...sometimes a Rolex Air King. For special days a Vacheron Constantin Malte Regulator Dual Time....

A man after my heart. I have an IWC Portuguese and love the watch. They are a truly fantastic company with a unique philosophy on watch design and manufacture. And that VC Malte is one of my favorites--don't own one but have had an eye on it for some time. What metal is it?

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I've had a Cartier Santos Ronde since 1981,(When my first son was born) It's

an Automatic and gives perfect time. I also have a Omega chrono that my Dad left

me, that dates from 1947. I enjoy them both but for some reason, I don't wear the

Omega very often.


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This is one of my everyday watches...Auto Baume et Mercier Capeland Chrono. It's a heavy SOB...I feel like my wrist is bare when I wear some of my other watches. ;)


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Well, i am a watch buff..

No Rolex (sorry guys, dont want to offend anyone, but somehow it has no really good status in Switzerland, a lot of people think that they are not handmade.. but i still like some of them, but never got one)

My favorit brands are



Glashuette Original

Jaquet Droz


Oris (yes I like there new thinking and there divers)

Today i am using the Blancpain Le Brassus GMT,


another favorit is the Blancpain sport (diver)


and my "climbing watch" which is an Oris Diver small date,

but when i climb big peaks I use a Suunto Core


So, on flat ground i trust swiss handmade automatic watches, when my life depend on it, i go finish quartz...

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Jeez, I've got over 20 watches! My special is a Skagen Titanium number and my everyday is either a Seiko Chronograph, a HUGE, good looking Sekonda pilot's watch bought on an Aer Lingus flight and a Rotary gold number that I bought years ago!

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My family gave me an Accutron Sapphire Lucerne when I finished my professional designation a few year ago.

It simple and elegant, but isn't too showy or excessive which fits my style.

I love wearing this watch still and will wear it for many years to come.


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Three watches...

Rolex Submariner S/S (was an engagement present from my wife).

Rolex Datejust Gold (was my grandfather's watch that was left for me when he passed away).

Panerai GMT PAM 88 (decided to finally buy a watch for myself).

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when i climb big peaks I use a Suunto Core

Suuntos are fantastic. I almost never wear a watch because I just can't stand the feeling. For safety, when I need to keep aware of the time, temp, barometer trend, altitude, etc., I use a Suunto.

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I was waiting for a topic on watches -

I don't wear a watch, never really have

(except when I milked cows&made cheese for 6 months at 10,000 ft in the alps -needed to get up at 4 and it was handy,

note classy black Swatch in photo -increased the strap size 3 holes during my stay!!)

So I was wondering: with most everyone having a cellphone that shows the time if you want to see it or not, do people wear watches LESS?

Dont get me wrong, I love the beauty of a watch and functional engineering of good design (read: F1 fan),

but just never got into shelling out big bucks for watches which I might lose or break.

One of my mottos in life has been:

"I'm not really 'into' time."

So Rob, do you think cellphones have had an effect on watch sales?


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  • JohnS changed the title to Let's talk about watches...

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