Trinidad T 2009

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Feels nice out this morning, temps in the mid 70’s and a nice breeze. Lots of sounds going on with cicadas humming, birds singing (or fighting in my blueberry bush…dagnabbit), Junebugs buzzin’…seems rather busy out here. Of course Mandy is passed out under the big loblolly pine as usual. I’ve brought out one of the new Trinidad Ts to smoke, which is the new robusto vitola that’s come out this year. The cigar is a work of art, as most Trinidads are, with a silky smooth, light golden brown wrapper with minimal veins, and perfectly constructed pigtail cap. I have sometimes wondered if they buff these cigars out before shipping as they are just…shiny. It has a good weight in the hand, very little give when squeezed (I dry boxed it prior to), and with the cap punched I find the draw perfect with a very fresh tobacco taste.

With the foot torched, I blow on the embers to get an even burn and can already smell the typical Trinidad profile. After getting the smoke flowing well, I take a long draw and get a nice white pepper spice that hits the back of the tongue and throat perfectly. The smoke is coming through with a full body, powerful from the start, thinking this is probably due to it being so young. The flavor is deliciously rich, very bold with the typical floral taste I find in most Trinidads. I’m also getting notes of toasted nuts and ripe, red fruit. This cigar is fantastic.

The draw has a perfect resistance, smoke flowing effortlessly and in abundance . There’s a sharp burn with a strong, medium to dark gray ash forming that is slightly flaky in spots. A third in, and I find the spice calms down slightly, however the smoke is still full-bodied and somewhat heavy on the palate, which I find unusual as most Trinidads I’ve smoked have a rather light smoke. Flavors are consistent, very rich with an incredibly delicious finish on the palate that is lasting.

Yeah okay, I’m halfway in and boy oh boy is this thing kicking my butt. I’m sure some of it has to do with this nasty bug thing that I’ve had for a few days now, but still. Definitely don’t want to stand up right now. :D As one can already guess, the smoke continues to be very full-bodied, which I am actually thoroughly enjoying even though it’s making my head swim. A very nice spice is still coming through, hitting the back of the tongue and throat perfectly. Floral notes remain as well as toasted nuts and a hint of leather with the red fruit. The finish is lasting on the palate long after exhaling.

This was a fantastic cigar from start to nubby end with sharp burn, perfect draw, incredibly delicious flavors, and very rich finish that lasted long on the palate. If the Trinidad profile is to your liking, and you get the opportunity, I would say without a doubt pick some of these up. If these are this good fresh, I can’t imagine what they will be like in a few years.




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Great review, the Reyes and Fundadores are two on my always must have list. I've not tried the RE or Colonials yet but will in the near future, guess these will also be added to the to try list.

Great photos as well, thanks.

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