El Rey Del Mundo Petit Coupania RE (France) 2009


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Ah yes, Friday evening! Finally! Looking forward to the weekend as it’s been quite a long week. Supposed to be extremely hot and humid with temps reaching over 100F, so I’ll probably be in the A/C most of the weekend playing Left4Dead or Killer Floor with my buds! :drool: It’s not too bad out on the back porch this evening with a soft breeze and temps right at 88F. I’m putting fire to one of the new ERDM RE for Italy, which has a very smooth and oily light brown wrapper with small veins running the length. It has a good weight in the hand, is firm with no soft spots found, and with the nicely constructed tapered cap clipped, I find a perfect draw that tastes of fresh straightforward tobacco.

With the foot torched and the fire burning even, I take a few puffs and then a slow, long draw. Smoke comes through in abundance and is rather thick and heavy on the palate, almost chewy with an excellent spice on the back of the throat. I would say it’s a good medium in body with very rich flavors coming through, that of fresh baked bread, sweet hay with delicious toasted nuts and hints of vanilla. The finish is excellent, long and lasting on the palate.

The burn is sharp with a dense, medium to dark gray ash forming that holds strong until tapped off. A third in and the smoke is still a good medium body, flowing well through the perfect draw. I take my time taking long draws on the cigar, exhaling slowly through the mouth and nose, revealing incredibly delicious flavors that I’m thoroughly enjoying. It’s hard to believe this is a fresh cigar from 2009, tasting like well aged tobacco.

Burning through the halfway point, the flavor turns to more a straightforward tobacco, but still getting that fresh baked bread taste, still quite rich on the palate with the finish downright excellent, lasting well after exhaling. The burn continues to be sharp with the ash compact and holding strong, and the draw spot on with medium-bodied smoke flowing effortlessly.

What an absolutely fantastic smoke from beginning to end with perfect draw, sharp burn, rich, delicious flavor and lasting finish. If ERDM is a cigar you really like, then these will definitely be something to pick up.




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Great review. Now all I have to do is find out where I can get my hands on some of these. Thanks.

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