Bolivar Petit Belicosos LRE MAY 09

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Hey guys, I realize this is a bit of an old post, but I'm curious if you've revisited this recently and if the additional time has changed your thoughts at all? I appreciate the candor in the reviews, there's not quite enough of that in the cigar reviewing community for fear of *gasp* offending someone. Anyhow, I just smoked on of these P. belicosos a month or so ago and was pleased with the development...granted, my experience with EL is quite limited, so I have no real set of standards to compare it to.


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Thanks. Your link returned an error for me, but as I happened to look a little further down the vid review list, what should I see but a 2010 review of this stick. I thought I had learned that forum lesson long ago...look around before asking a question, the answer might already be posted.

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