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9 minutes ago, steelcity said:

RyJ Ex#4 from a 24:24 while smoking some fish today. 



WOW does that fish look good!!

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My Father Bijou petite robusto - just the change of pace I was looking for! There's something about Nicaraguan tobacco in the fall that is nostalgic for me.

LUB MAY 14 HUPC - l am down to my last few and this box was something special - al of that leather is turning to cream. Just a magnificent blend.

'12 La Flor de Cano PC. Had dryboxed this thing for like 6 months just to see what would happen. Was pretty mild - a decent little smoke for the price, but all the dryboxing seemed to have caused the rootbeer note I like in these to disappear.

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19 minutes ago, shaffer22 said:

Monte Double Edmundo from DIC 15 EOT. This cigar is coming along nicely. Lovely draw and construction. Burning perfectly with lots of smoke. Coffee, cream, milk chocolate, cedar, pepper. 


Gorgeous construction continues. It’s such a pleasure to smoke a well-constructed Cuban cigar. 


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