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An RE Friday with @Nate Chu C&C for a Saturday morning with this Sir Winston from 03. Today is going to be great if this cigar is anything to judge it by. What a super smooth star

From last night. Not Pictured: BRE Connie 1.. Great flavors.  Original Release Picadores: ULE NOV-14..  Flawless  RAT NOV-19 Dip 2. From 24:24 Not as salty as the dark wrappers. 

C&C ‘14 especiales. Fantastic start to the day C&C with a Monte 4 C&C time today with a Perla picked up from 24:24

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3 hours ago, LutzSpearo said:

My first Lusi from a ten count box


i am enjoying it. Love the PSP2, PSD4 is growing on me. So far this Lusi Is pushing all the right buttons, I see a 25 count box in my future. Any favorite box codes of late?


Both MUL JUN 15 and PMU NOV 15 are very tasty.

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I don't often have Monty 2's anymore and haven't bought any for a long time, just not my go to type of cigar. I do have some still around so had one from FEB 08 today.

Flavors are really melded together, very smooth and started out on the mild side. Middle third cream became more prominent and really hitting its stride. Last third stronger with more leather and earth. Overall I'd say a 94 pts


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First Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos. This is from a PSP box from Prez. So far very impressed. Medium-full chocolate bomb with a nice sweetness. Totally smooth. Rich smoke.

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HdM Palmas Extra from 2015. When you are not expecting much it's hard not to like it. Good smoke. Even spilling my coffee on myself trying to post this can't ruin things!



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It's been a really long day but I'm finally having a cigar and rum by the fire...


ULE JUL 14 SLR's starting to show some promise.



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The recent talk about Siglo 1's had me reaching for one tonight. One from a newer box but still delicious.



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10 hours ago, ChefBoyRG54 said:

Tried a Vigia yesterday. AEM 14 code. Started a tad harsh but settled in after about an inch. Very rich and creamy, will be interesting to watch develop, until they cancel making them and replace them with a 3.5" x 61rg.....

Had my daughter help me complete the painting of a chalk board wall for the kids during. Priceless :)

61 RG is not enough. Detroit demands bigger for their tobacco dollar. 70 RG for Cohiba's 51st anniversary! (Am I the only one who thinks a longer Cohiba lancero with a retro band would have sold better than any other cigar in HSA history???)

Chalkboard paint rules, except my boy would be devastated when I started using 50% of the space for Org Charts and To-do lists.

Had a recent Carlos Fernandez custom lancero (rolled to over 8 inches long!). Simply phenomenal, and at such a young age. Musky, a mix of many fruits, citrus, deep terroir and buttercream that just doesn't quit! Had it with a Death in the Afternoon (Marteau and Coppola's forgettable Sofia Sparkling Wine) and then some Kirk and Sweeney 12 Year. Ea$t $ide!

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