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An RE Friday with @Nate Chu C&C for a Saturday morning with this Sir Winston from 03. Today is going to be great if this cigar is anything to judge it by. What a super smooth star

First cigar of the year.

From last night. Not Pictured: BRE Connie 1.. Great flavors.  Original Release Picadores: ULE NOV-14..  Flawless  RAT NOV-19 Dip 2. From 24:24 Not as salty as the dark wrappers. 

47 minutes ago, FatherOfPugs said:

Sorry to hear about the stroke of bad luck, that sucks with the moron buyers, and to add salt to the cut the stitches.!tty day.  Hope the cigar and drinks were good!

Thanks fella, it will work out. And a good cigar always helps!

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30 minutes ago, Gamehawker said:

Gorgeous cigar, do you recall the box code of this cigar?

Just went thru my excel. It was SLE NOV16 ( Hand picked). Smoke a handful from this box, I would say a good box so far. :D

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2 hours ago, Raskol said:

Just went thru my excel. It was SLE NOV16 ( Hand picked). Smoke a handful from this box, I would say a good box so far. :D

I have a full box of PSD4 with box code "MEG ABR 16" I have not smoked yet.  They are awesome looking and I bet they are fantastic since they are from the H.Upmann factory.

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1 hour ago, HopeUgood said:

I picked up a 1/4 box of these, gave one to my neighbor.  Curious how they are, do they need more time for aging?

The 1st half of it was quite an elegant mild favour.  It started to kick in entering the 2nd half til the last quarter that became too strong to smoke. This could age well for a few more years for even more pleasant smoke.

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17 hours ago, SigmundChurchill said:

Cohiba ‘Ano Del Cerdo’ Robusto


I would start with the disclaimer that this was smoked ROTT.

The aroma was a beautiful strong barnyard smell, typical of the marca.

The construction was very good.  The draw was perfect, neither too loose or too firm.  The burn, while not perfect, was better than average.

The first 1/3 was dominated by black pepper and leather, with some honey undertones, just begging to come out.  The second 1/3 was a lot more honey, cocoa, and citrus.  And while the first 2/3rds was a very pleasant smoking experience, the final 1/3 is where the cigar really shined.  The honey flavor continued, but there was strong fruity and floral flavors that dominated the cigar.

Overall, would I say that this cigar differed from other CoRos?  I don’t think I would go that far.  In general, I find CoRos to be inconsistent, even within the same box.  So I would say that this CoRo was about equal to the more outstanding CoRos I usually find within a box.  If the others in the box are consistently as good as this one (or better), then I would say that this box is worth the premium.

Thank you for posting about this. It was very interesting to read about the flavours you got from this particular CoRo!

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On 1/11/2019 at 1:34 PM, BellevilleMXZ said:

After a very crap day yest( house deal fell through due to moron buyers, and tore hand up at work and got 7 stitches) I need a good cigar and a drink or 3!! ?


Apologies to hear about the house deal falling through for you. I am yet to venture on the house buying journey. Great cigar choice to pick up your spirits!

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