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4 hours ago, Lotusguy said:

Gifted OR Edmundo - yum!


Paired with this very nice rum.


Does that red dot on the rum label mean it’s “PSP” ? 😂

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Montecristo Dumas UEB Mar 2018
In case you missed it, the new Linea 1935 addition to the Montecristo brand is aimed at emulating the addition of the Linea Behike to Cohiba in 2010. In other words, three cigars that are premium-priced and classy.
The official Habanos S.A. press release last year for this line was as follows...
'Habanos, S.A. launches the Línea 1935 under the Montecristo brand. Three new vitolas are incorporated into the brand’s regular portfolio; these will become the most premium Habanos offered by this legendary Brand.
Two of the three vitolas are unprecedented in the Habanos portfolio: Maltés (53 x 153 mm) and Dumas (49 x 130 mm), while Leyenda (55 x 165 mm) takes the form of the special limited edition Montecristo 80 Aniversario, launched in 2015 to commemorate the brand’s 80th Anniversary.
Montecristo is the best known and, perhaps, the most appreciated Habanos brand and is considered by many to be the benchmark for Habanos flavour. Its name had its origins in the novel The Count of Montecristo, by Alexandre Dumas, enormously popular with cigar rollers at the H. Upmann factory in Havana, where the brand was founded in 1935.
The Habanos in this new line have been made ¨Totalmente a mano con Tripa Larga – Totally by Hand with Long Filler¨, after selecting exquisite wrapper, filler and binder leaves from the finest fields – vegas – in Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Río), the land with the best tobacco in the world. Línea 1935 is presented with a full strength flavour blend for the very first time by the Montecristo brand, thereby complementing the medium to full strength flavour of the of the Línea Clásica and Línea Edmundo and the medium strength flavour of the Línea Open blend. The natural Carmelite wrapper used gives the Línea 1935 Habanos a beautiful appearance.
Montecristo’s Línea 1935 is presented in a box with a unique design for the Habanos portfolio, with an elegant Carmelite lacquer finish and the distinction of presenting all the beveled edges. A tape with the name of the line and the vitola as well as an innovative base band with the traditional fleur-de-lis that has distinguished the Montecristo brand since its founding have been added to the brand’s traditional band.'
So there you have it. You always wanted a cigar that blended the full flavour of a classic line Montecristo cigar with the medium-flavoured Open series. Some of you may say 'bland-flavoured' Open Series. I think in essence what Habanos S.A. is trying to say is that the Linea 1935 series consists of three cigars aimed at being 'full of flavour' rather than strength in terms of a nicotine.
The Dumas is named after the author of the classic novel, 'The Count of Monte Cristo', Alexandre Dumas. Incidentally, in case you are curious, the Maltes is named after one of the main character's aliases in the novel, the Maltese Sailor, after he is rescued by smugglers and Leyenda means 'legend' in Spanish. It's the smallest of the three cigars, around the same length as a Montecristo No.4, but 7/64th inches larger in diameter. It's a little stronger than the Leyenda, but that's to be expected for a smaller cigar. I found it consistently around medium.
What set this Dumas apart from standard Montecristo cigars was the fullness of flavours. Firstly, the chocolate. Now in most standard cigars any hint of chocolate flavours can tend to be like dark and bitter chocolate. Not in the Dumas. In the Dumas the opposite is true, you get beautiful sweet, milk fine chocolate coated in whiffs of cream and marshmallow. There's also almond nut and cedar, in fact, I found the flavours very similar to the Leyendas I've tried, only a little fuller.
This 'fullness of flavour' coated my palate consistently. It meant that I smoked the cigar a lot slower, around 90 to 95 minutes. Make no mistake, this Dumas was a superb cigar. It's only natural to want to compare these new Line 1935 cigars with each other on account of their premium branding (and pricing) but to be fair, if the next Dumas or two I try is as consistently flavourful as this one and at the same time smooth and refined, then I think the Dumas should stand on its own in regards to comparison between it, the Maltes and Leyenda.

Haven’t had the maltes yet, only the Dumas and leyenda. The Leyenda was exceptional! This is why I picked up a box in Cuba in March. The Dumas for me wasn’t worth the price imo, but I will have to say, it did have some good qualities. The one sample I did have was smoked too young and it was wet, so maybe my fault.

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This evening did not suck.


Great steak dinner with an enjoyable Merlot. Huge steak; looking forward to steak and eggs in the morning.

MES SEP 11 Behike 56. On the last third now and it’s been great the whole way through. First with an Americano and then Santiago 20.




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Hell of a Saturday evening. It all looks great. Enjoy!
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