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3 hours ago, encephalization said:

Haven't posted here in a while but need to highlight a couple of things. Above: Monte A from 01 (?) that I smoked on my birthday last Friday. Big thanks to @Bram Smoker. Final two thirds were magnificent.


Bolivar Tubos #1, ULA MAR 15, sent to me by @MigsG. Thanks! Made me realize that I have to few Bolivars in my daily rotation.

Finally, big shout out to Trinidad Vigias. Have I become a fat RG guy? No, but these have been stunning (forgot the box code, pretty sure they are young; late 17 or early 18).


Have a great birthday and birth month with awesome cigars!

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15 hours ago, daleighan said:

Qdo corona. I know everyone says these are better with some age, but I'm really enjoying some pretty fresh ones!



I had a fresh one a month ago and it was exceptional! It’s definitely a tweaked blend...need to get my hands on a few more boxes! 

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48 minutes ago, Markspring1978 said:

2018 Fundadores. Unfortunately it was plugged. PerfecDraw was at the office. Improvised with a corn scewer, so if you ever get in a pinch, this is an option. 




I see you are a MacGyver smoker. Well done!

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4 hours ago, bundwallah said:

Had this earlier this afternoon.

Partagas Petit Coronas Tubulares from the early 1960's

No photo description available.

Wait, from the 1960s and you are not offering an opinion on it? Please do tell. 

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2 hours ago, Artin said:

HU M54 Tubo
I believe this is the 2nd time I’ve had this cigar.
So far it’s really good.

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The mag 54 and the Connie A are my favorite HU right now. Truly resplendent.  Jinxing myself but draws have been perfect on both vitolas on boxes from 2016-2018.  My 2014 Sir Winnie's and my mag50s have not been as good. 

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