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Can you explain to me what mongrel is?

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To me the mongrel aspect is more of a full or harsh strength. Not the ammonia taste but more of a wow i am smoking feeling. Usually people advise to “lay down “ a cigar b/c it is is more “mongrel” or full and needs rest. In the case of the PLPC it seems common consensus is 5 years. This one smoked smooth as silk ! Not really any bite back or overwhelming puffs to me. Really a pleasure to smoke. This is my definition not sure it’s agreed upon but it’s how it makes sense to me.

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San Juan - June 18
Tossing this bastard. I spent a good 10 minutes butchering this with a perfecdraw to no avail. I have a headache from trying to draw smoke through this ****. When a cigar from the box is good - it’s damn good. But sometimes I get one like this. Next up, a Southern Draw Rose of Sharon. 
Crazy. It is probably my favorite new cigar to have been released in the past three years. I've called it the Behike of HdM, I've been so impressed. Bought both tubos and regular boxes, construction has always been flawless (and they've been smoking like they're at least a couple years older than the box code). Hope you'll have some bangers to come!

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19 hours ago, Tollickd said:

Last nights event 330d3a3e21cbdbf5cc3118de013c529d.jpg

Not going to lie a little disappointed in the talisman 

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Did you try using the chopsticks from the top picture?  😀 

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