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14 hours ago, JohnS said:

I think that if you enjoy that chocolate and raisin-sweetness profile, which is indicative of Vegas Robaina less than 3 years, then enjoy them younger. For me personally, I wouldn't want to go too much past the 5 year mark with chocolate or cocoa-dominate marcas as a rule (but of course there are exceptions such as the Montecristo Especial and Especiales No.2). I've had one or two more Famosos from this box since then and they've all had that peculiar and unique 'pure tobacco' or grassiness that @99call has alluded to in his posts on our forum from time-to-time, and I've come to become accustomed to it and favour it, yet I don't mind these younger with more chocolate either.

Like @JohnS stated.  I've also come to favour it.  I found it quite a strange thing to get my head around, i.e this simple rich high quality tobacco flavour.  I liken it to be a bit like going fishing, you don't catch anything and feel a bit sorry for yourself,  but then you look up, realise you've been enjoying a fabulous vista, and the company of great friends etc.    Defintely one of those cigars, that the less you "go after it"  the more you enjoy it. 

Haha Bruce says it better than I ever could


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@Subcomandante, I pretty much smoked mine ROTT and it was pretty spectacular.  I think you're going to love 'em.  Little 45 minute flavor bombs they are.

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