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Juan López Selección No.2 MEL Dic 2016
The Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2 has been a forum favourite in the last 2 years, having enjoyed a resurgance only bettered by the re-branding of the Quai d'Orsay marca. I tend to find them a little too strong for my liking when in their youth, although today's example seemingly 'turned-a-corner' from this box.
Despite being two-and-a-half years old, the first third of this cigar was the first time I got such a strong orange citrus and chocolate flavour from the 'get-go' out of four cigars smoked from the box. My palate very much connected with this profile. Towards the end of the first third I got an uneven burn develop in the wrapper and unfortunately it didn't self-correct this time, so I touched it up, but thankfully I needed no more re-lights. At this point I picked up strong notes of white pepper and espresso coffee, although still with a little orange citrus and chocolate. The final third was all toasted tobacco and it got a little more intense in flavour delivery, yet I still had no issue smoking this down, I didn't finish it early as overall it was a good smoke.
With a quarter of the box consumed (as I have given away three for other cigar enthusiasts to enjoy), I can safely say that these need more time down for me as the cigar was medium-full to full in strength in the back half and I much prefer them milder. I look forward to re-visiting them in a year or two.

I am with you on these, I think they need more time down. I have the exact same box code and date and about half way done. Given several away and smoked maybe 4-5. They do seem to be improving but I get too much pepper for my liking. I am always wondering if I got a dud box as so many on here talk about how good they are, even with younger box codes.

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