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9 hours ago, MigsG said:

I have some crappy looking Epi2 that I rested for a month.  Pulled one out recently, and got that creamy nougat flavor too!

Really rubbing it in posing all barefoot and in shorts while the rest of us freeze...

I don’t see any shorts. Let’s not assume anything. ??

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An RE Friday with @Nate Chu C&C for a Saturday morning with this Sir Winston from 03. Today is going to be great if this cigar is anything to judge it by. What a super smooth star

C&C ‘14 especiales. Fantastic start to the day C&C with a Monte 4 C&C time today with a Perla picked up from 24:24

From last night. Not Pictured: BRE Connie 1.. Great flavors.  Original Release Picadores: ULE NOV-14..  Flawless  RAT NOV-19 Dip 2. From 24:24 Not as salty as the dark wrappers. 

Are u at the Wynn ?

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This was at Cosmo last night. I’m in Vegas for the week for the Consumer Electronics Show. Staying at the Treasure Island.
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On 1/3/2020 at 2:56 AM, KnightsAnole said:

How was the RA Italia Chuck? That’s a rare bird..

It sure was a fantastic treat. The flavours were in line with the RA profile though it was super smooth. Easily took it down to the nub.

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26 minutes ago, lovethehaze said:

Well ... what ya think ?

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I like! Very unique profile started with almond paste, unsweetened marzipan? and coffee notes with a wonderful berry and Christmas cake sweetness. A lot going on. I will need to review it and take notes next time. Construction excellent. Draw perfecto so a solid 92+ right now.  I look forward to see how it compares to the Punch 898. Definitely some subtle complexity here in this blend.

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6 hours ago, Hotboxx said:

 The chariot being pulled by animals representing 5 continents... normal.... but hold everything. He’s waving a pink banner, wearing a skirt, rainbow feather headdress, rocking red lipgloss, eye shadow and a NYC $300 scissor cut. Quite the look!!!  Ellen’s got nothing on this cat. 


Sounds like a Havanathon attendee! :lol:

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1 hour ago, prodigy said:
Singulare never disappoints.

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I had my first the other day. I would agree was really good took me by surprise.

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