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An RE Friday with @Nate Chu C&C for a Saturday morning with this Sir Winston from 03. Today is going to be great if this cigar is anything to judge it by. What a super smooth star

First cigar of the year.

C&C ‘14 especiales. Fantastic start to the day C&C with a Monte 4 C&C time today with a Perla picked up from 24:24

13 hours ago, StogieSteve23 said:


I enjoy those Isla's a lot as well.  Even for a young cigar IMO it shows promise.  Are you referring to the Short de Punch? Petit Punch has been discontinued completely since 2009 (if I am not mistaken according to CCW).  If you are referring to the new Punch Short de Punch that's just came out last year, look at the post right above your La Isla pictures.  I asked the same thing just before you to Raskol who was smoking one.  

I've heard mixed things about this cigar so far.  Most people say its pleasant but no one I've heard says its a "dog rocket" especially for something so young.  I scored the two box deal when they first went up a couple weeks ago on 24:24 and am eagerly awaiting their arrival.  Unfortunately, I think I'll try one after a short acclimation period and forget about them for a bit.  


Interesting little book there.  What is it? Is that a notebook for all of your smoking notes?   I just use a little spiral ring notebook but its getting a bit full and the spiral is starting to wear down.  Looking into something a little better for my tasting notes.  


Bringing some heat here!  Nice smokes brother. Sounds like a very nice day.  

It’s a Punch Punch REG ENE 19. I picked them up from 24:24 late last year. They are young but so far they’ve been smoking well. In terms of the book, it’s called “The Cuban Cigar Handbook” and I first learnt about it from the FOH discussion forum. It’s a brief history lesson on Cuban Cigars coupled with profiles of each of the growers, rum pairings and other general information. I’ve been smoking cigars for 15 years and I’ve only really started to learn about it since joining this forum. Anyway, nice chatting with you. Have a good weekend. 

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3 hours ago, jv0099 said:

Come to Montana my friends.  I always need someone to harass fish and smoke cigars with.

Would love to. Hoping to head to Yellowstone again in August for a few weeks, which I did in 2015 and 2018, but plans up in the air right now for several reasons.

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9 minutes ago, jvd1291 said:

Not a Habano, but a very good cigar. Illusione Singulare Kadosh. DEC 14 2016! These aged very well. Bought the rest of the box off a friend!

Love me some Illusione Singulares (Illusione in general, really).  Glad to hear they age well! 

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