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2 hours ago, sw15825 said:
Espy or Gran Corona ?

Esplendido. Smoking beautifully right now.


1 hour ago, SigmundChurchill said:
Thanks to [mention=30758]ElJavi76[/mention] for this great cigar, and for hosting today!

Looks like a good day indeed

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10 minutes ago, CampDelta369 said:

Damn brother. I came home late and making scratch chili without waking up the wife 😂. Your spread is Ridiculous like the cover of CA! Loving it. I did sin and pour a bit of uber Pinot noir into the mix... oops. 

I hear that. Chilli from your own pot is just as good. Goddamn that series is sick. Jordan man. Every time I go to watch an episode I think, “ sh*t. I better do this right or I won’t be able to face myself in the mirror”. With all this crazy stuff going on. I wish we could just step out and think about all the great accomplishments out there that transcend race and status. A good CC and a glass of vino puts it into perspective. Stay safe brother. 

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