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18 hours ago, BellevilleMXZ said:
Was gifted this RP (and the whiskey) earlier last week, and I must say was not a bad smoke at all. I'd prob even grab a few if they were available around here. Anyone ever try any of the  Hamlet RP? I can get some local. Intrigued now........ 

I have smoked 2 of the 3 RP Hamlets that I know of ... 1 I liked a lot and one i didn’t like. I wanna say the red white and blue one i didn’t like and the one i did like was maybe a green or purple band and was supposed to be the middle bodied one. It was a robusto as sold but more of a hermosa no 4.

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9 hours ago, SigmundChurchill said:
For Father’s Day, I decided to smoke something a little out of the ordinary.
A Hoyo de Monterrey Maravillas (Colección Habanos 2015). At 9 1/4 inches and 55 ring gauge, it is the length of a Diadema, and the same diameter as the diadema at it’s widest point, only this cigar is that width for its entire length.  For a size comparison, it makes this Esplendido look scrawny by comparison.
Happy Father’s Day to all the other dads out there!

Enjoy your day brother!


9 hours ago, SirVantes said:
+ : tastes like an Upmann
- : tell me again why I should pay more for this than a Connie 1?

I need that ashtray.

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3 hours ago, mrmessy said:

First for the day. Father's Day. Or as my youngest calls it "Not the mama's day"


Happy Father’s Day!

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