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6 minutes ago, djrey said:

I’m actually smoking the same box code PLPC right now. I find your tasting notes spot on. I find it to be quite mild which isn’t what I typically go for. Don’t these typically have some power when young? Do you think there is any potential for these to get stronger with age or maybe this box code is just more mild?

Yes, typically they have more strength at this age. Personally, I would smoke a few more from the box to see if it's an anomaly or if its typical of this box code and the cigars are milder overall.

If you smoke a few and they are mild in a median sense, then no, they won't probably get stronger with age.

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@JohnS So after an inch that PLPC woke up and I loved every bit of the remainder. The last 2 inches were gorgeous medium bodied. Grabbed another cab tonight! Cheers!

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LGR NOV 18 Divinos with thanks to [mention=6174]FatherOfPugs[/mention]



Dat XIKAR Scissors! Is it works on any ring gauge even on 60+ Cuban Custom rolls? I'm choosing between XIKAR MTX Scissors and XIKAR M8 Cutter for straight cut.
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